Mark Camperell, MPSE – Founder, Creative Director, Supervising Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer

At Empty Sea, Mark Camperell has managed crews as large as eight people and projects ranging from 30 seconds to over 80 minutes of material. Mark’s leadership and ability to assemble uniquely talented audio teams is positioning Empty Sea as a leader in creative audio services ranging from sound effects libraries to original music composition to full service post audio packages. In addition to his position at Empty Sea, Mark is also a freelance Supervising Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer and Music Producer with over 100 titles under his belt including interactive, features, commercials, television, music and web content. Mark is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University with Bachelor’s Degrees in both Business Administration: Management/Entrepreneurship and Recording Arts.  Mark is an active member of the Motion Picture Sound Editors, the Television Academy and IATSE Local 700 (Motion Picture Editors Guild)

Corey Eccles – Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer


Corey Eccles’ love for audio began early on in her life. From joining school and church choirs to working in live and recorded sound for concerts and theatre; she grew up learning about how different sound elements come together and work to create an entire soundscape. It wasn’t until film school however that she also developed an enthusiasm for post-production sound. Another of Empty Sea’s graduates of Loyola Marymount University’s Recording Arts program, she enjoys every aspect of post-production sound for film, television, and the web. Since film school, Corey has lent her ear to many different professional projects. She has a passion and a talent for weaving the sonic tapestry of a film to help bring the story to life and carry the vision of the director to the screen. Her diverse list of credits and dedication to her craft make her an invaluable part of Empty Sea. Corey is a three time MPSE Golden Reel Award Nominee.

Austin Krier – Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer

Originally from Denver, Austin got his professional start recording local emo bands and forgettable live performances. Since moving to Los Angeles and transitioning to post-production, he has been an instrumental part of numerous video games, features, television shows, and web programs. Austin’s broad experience base allows him to bring a well-rounded and unique approach to all projects. He is a graduate of The University of Colorado with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music.

Michael O’Connor – Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer

Michael began his life-long relationship with sound by banging on a drum set at the age of twelve. After working on the post-production sound for over 200 television shows, 5 feature films, dozens of short films, and countless web spots he has earned a vast array of skills. He is experienced as a sound editor, sound effects recordist, dialogue editor, ADR engineer, and re-recording mixer.  As a devoted field recordist, he has recorded everything from the destruction of a piano to the creaky Victorian-age wood floors in London to the chants of a half-million protestors in Los Angeles. Michael is a graduate of Cal State University of Northridge with a Bachelor Degree in Film Production with an emphasis in sound.

Garrett Montgomery, MPSE – Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer

Garrett began his career at a Toronto recording facility and audio restoration house over eighteen years ago. While employed as a sound engineer and producer, Garrett worked with singer/songwriters, bands and voice actors. He specialized in analogue recording techniques and vintage microphones. Garrett possesses strengths in sound editing, sound design, re-recording mixing as well as dialogue editing, mastering, recording and ADR mixing. He is trained on proprietary recording tools used by Bioware/Activision and Ubisoft. He also has additional professional experience in musical composition, field recording, multi-track studio recording and music mixing. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2008, Garrett has been freelancing for features, movie trailers, video games, TV episodes and prime-time commercials. Garrett has worked on over 120 video games with top directors and actors on titles published by Microsoft, EA, Activision, Ubisoft, 2K Games, Riot, Capcom, Namco Bandai, Nintendo, Sony, Konami, Warner Brothers and others. Garrett is a guitarist and pianist. He loves dogs, bird watching and surfing. Garrett is a member of the Motion Picture Sound Editors and has two MPSE Golden Reel nominations.

Jason Krane, MPSE – Sound Editor, Recording Engineer, Mastering Engineer

Jason, like most editors, spends many hours in a small, poorly lit room surroundied by sound waves. Light particles would only interfere with the sound’s journey from the speakers to his ears. Like a bat, what he lacks in sight he makes up for with tediously detailed hearing. He uses that bat-like hearing to sculpt and smooth recorded sound. This skill comes in handy when editing dialog; his foremost strength, but also is useful for audio mastering and mixing. Although some are born with such abilities, Jason had to train for many years, starting at Loyola Marymount University, graduating in 2004, and moving on to the full-tme position of union dialog editor at Technicolor Sound in 2006. There, he works on a wide variety of TV shows and the occasional movie. He is proud to be a part of Empty Sea and their quest to make sound, sound good. Jason has won a Primetime Emmy Award (2013 American Horror Story) and two MPSE Golden Reel Awards (2009, 2010 True Blood). He has also been nominated for two Primetime Emmy Awards as well as three additional MPSE Golden Reel Awards.

Collin Ayers – Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer

Collin, at a young age, once listened to a movie with the volume at zero and declared it a “travesty beyond what these eyes have yet seen, what these ears have yet heard.” While his love for music and audio was evident at this early age, he did not truly embrace the auditory arts until he ventured to Los Angeles to attend Loyola Marymount University. Majoring in recording arts, Collin spent many hours in the secluded school basement, piecing together audio for student films, documentaries and DVD extras. After graduation, Collin became a sound designer at the Activision owned developer Treyarch, working on such games as Spider-Man 3, Quantum of Solace, Call of Duty: World at War, and, most recently, Call of Duty: Black Ops. Working on such high-profile projects have honed Collin’s skills to a point that, if said skills were physically manifested as a sword, Zatoichi himself would be frightened. Collin has been nominated for four MPSE Golden Reel Awards and is an avid lover of cheese.

Ryan Ayers – Music Producer, Composer, Mixer, Recording Engineer


Ryan Ayers began playing guitar at the age of thirteen. He more formally continued his guitar-centric education at Loyola Marymount University where he studied under the tutelage of classical guitarist Martha Masters. Ryan holds degrees in both classical guitar performance and recording arts. An active composer for over ten years, Ryan released his first record of ten original pieces for guitar entitled ermita in 2011. In 2012, he published the corresponding sheet music and tablature. These pieces employ classical guitar technique to explore the reaches of steel string and finger style guitar. A gifted melodist, Ryan also likes to experiment with gestures, textures, and rhythmic ideas in his compositions. In addition to composing, Ryan is an exceptionally talented sound designer, producer, mixer and engineer.

Ryan Ross – Music Producer, Composer, Mixer, Recording Engineer

Ryan Ross has had an interest in sound ever since his youth. After getting his first “stereo” sound system, he would replay parts of his favorite movies and marvel at hearing them in stereo for the first time. He started recording in middle and high school with early software samplers, even trekking around town at late hours recording bits and pieces of sounds to splice up later. He studied Film Production, with an emphasis on sound and music, at Loyola Marymount University where he learned the fundamentals of storytelling. Along with mixing two rock albums, his mixing credits include live concert recordings of punk icons NOFX and 90’s alternative rock mainstay Everclear. He has composed music for independent films and documentaries. Ryan wrote and performed with the indie-rock outfit You Me & Iowa for 4 years, whose music was licensed to Nike and The Vampire Diaries. He currently writes and performs in the Los Angeles rock/folk outfit The Lonely Wild.